19 March 2014

March Maddness... Mammal style! (plus my love of Walter)

If you have been following my exploits on Twitter lately, you will have seen a lot with the hashag of #2014MMM.  What is this you might ask?  Well it is nothing more than the epic battle royale of the mammals of the world tournament style.

(image from http://bit.ly/1g1zpeD)

Tonight was the Sweet Sixteen round and it got intense, polar bear fighting the dwarf sperm whale (and losing because of climate change) and our plucky "little" Paraceratherium named Walter (because do you want to keep trying to spell that quickly while tweeting?)  Walter was a tiny 16 feet tall weighing in at a measly 18 tons.  Although he lived during the Oligocene epoch (23 million years ago) he has captured our hearts, because, well look at that mug, he's adorable!!!

(image from  http://www.arcadiastreet.com/cgvistas/earth/04_cenozoic/earth_04_cenozoic_2000.htm)

For more information, or to relive the events you can read about it here http://bit.ly/1g1zpeD.  Elite eight starts at 8:00 pm tomorrow night and you can follow along with the hashtag #2014MMM or follow the color commentary from @Mammals_Suck@labroides, or @KristiLewton.

Tomorrow's bouts include:
Hyena vs. Musk Oxen
Binturong vs. Babirusa
Mastadon vs. Paraceratherium (Walter)
Orca vs. Oceanic White Tip Shark

Trust me you'll love it.  The coverage is great, and you'll learn some stuff too!  And don't worry, we are all looking forward to 2015's March Madness Tournament (at least the mammalian one, not the basketball one).

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