25 June 2014

Looking for something to do over the summer?

So most of the people I know have children on summer vacation, or are on summer vacation themselves.

For a lot of people this is great, summer time, time for swimming, hitting the beach, going on vacation, visiting family, or even catching up on reading.

If you are not sure of things to do, here are a few low cost or even free suggestions:

1.  Netflix.  Netflix has a great set of movies and shows available, including many documentaries.  For the younger set or anyone feelng nostalgic for the 90s, The Magic School Bus and Beakman's World are available online!

2.  Summer reading.  Many local libraries have summer reading programs for kids.  The theme for the local summer reading program where I live (Chester County, PA) this summer is science!  If you are in the area you can check out the schedule of events for your local branch by going to www.ccls.org and clicking on your local branch.

3.  Go on a nature walk.  Nature is all around us and you don't need to go to the wilderness in order to experience it.  The city and suburbs are full of nature if you just look for it -- birds, squirrels,chipmunks, and even deer -- just make sure that you don't get too close to any critters, and make sure to avoid any poisonous plants (check out this post from the CDC for reference).

4.  Look at the stars.  Summer is a great time to go look at the stars since it's not too cold outside.  If you need help identifying constellations, check out the apps page for suggestions.

This is just the beginning, since summer only started last week =)  But if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

20 June 2014


Hey everyone, I just updated the blog, adding a page of apps that I have found to be useful.  The reviews are my opinions, and mine alone.

If you have any suggestions of apps that should be included on this list, please, let me know!